Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I’m The wedding skeptic. With the making of this blog I’m trying to find (with you help I hope) the prescription for “the perfect wedding”. If you’re interested in this “adventure” called “in searching of a perfect wedding” or in other words you don’t mind to take a look at the post about the excitement and passion of a skeptic for the ideal things in life. Is there really a “perfect wedding” or small obstacles and shortcomings make this a truly unforgettable moment?
The most suitable dress and shoes you make a wedding truly special? What do you think would make your wedding unique and memorable – one for all to envy? How far extends the frontier of female vanity – a dress, bag, shoes, jewelry and all sorts of things yet, and what ultimately remains for the groom?
Wherein lies happiness – in lavish wedding and flawless wedding photos or idea that you will spend the rest your life with your loved one to be with you “… in good and bad…” ? … Let’s find out all this together.

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