The big and lavish wedding against a small and modest wedding.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lavish wedding:

– More expenses
-It is harder selecting the place where the wedding takes place so that it can accommodate a larger number of guests
– More difficult to comply with the menu tastes of guests
– More visitors means more fun and more gifts for newlyweds

Advantages and disadvantages of small and modest wedding:

– Less expenses
-Easier to select a location for the wedding – the number of guests will be small and will not create any inconvenience to search very big restaurant and a large garden where the wedding takes place
– Easier compliance with the menu tastes of guests
– A small wedding means less cost = more money for better, more fun and more extravagant honeymoon
– Fewer visitors means fewer gifts for newlyweds

“Nowadays people know the price of everything but the value of anything”
a very nice thought of Oscar Wilde. You must be wondering why I quote it to you – but because very often when it comes to weddings, people get carried away, or spend excessively, trying to recreate all their dreams and fantasies, or do not spend hardly anything with the excuse that weddings are something pointless. I can equally well to defend and refute both points, but at least now I refrain because I really think that maxim that you quoted is very true – we often forget what the value of things, although we know the price. Marriages are important – not because of what the more lavish or modest, but because they are a symbol of love – this is their value …

However, as some of us fail to recognize it, we all strive, whether knowingly or not to one thing – “… and lived happily ever after.”

That’s all from me now. Would be happy to share to me your opinions – positive or negative. Sincerely yours The Wedding Skeptic.


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